tuscan wood flooring installation guides

For guidance on installing our engineered hardwood flooring and solid wood flooring, please click the corresponding link below for an electronic PDF. Hard copies of these wood flooring installation guides are included in every pack of Tuscan flooring.

We recommend that all advice presented in these documents be adhered to in order to avoid invalidation of your guarantee (a copy of which is available here). We also advise that your hardwood flooring be installed by a professional fitter. 

tuscan flooring installation products

Our comprehensive range of quality profiles and accessories provide a smart and professional finish to all of our engineered and solid wood floors. Tuscan flooring trims create a smooth transition wherever needed in your home and are available in a selection of complementary colours.


Also known as a T-bar or Twin profile, this product covers the gap between two floors of equal height such as in doorways, over expansion gaps or as a room divider.

Ramp Section

Sometimes referred to as an Adaptor or Reducer, this provides a neat transition between two floors of varying height.


Ideal for hiding the expansion gaps around the edge of a room, for example if the skirting board hasn’t been removed and replaced when the floor was fitted.

Sika Adhesives

European manufactured adhesives specially designed for gluing down hardwood flooring.

Our profiles undergo stringent selection processes to ensure they meet the highest quality standards and complement our flooring as closely as possible. However, as with all real wood flooring products, they are subject to natural colour and grain variations.