Employee Health and Well-being Statement


Saint-Gobain is committed to protecting and improving the long-term physical and mental health and well-being of our employees. As a progressive employer, we believe the well-being of our employees is key to our future growth and success and that we can do a great deal to support our employees in these areas.

Our commitment to employee health and well-being is founded on the belief that if our employees are healthy and well, both mentally and physically, they will be productive, deliver great service to our customers, support our innovation strategy, build stronger teams and make better decisions in meeting the needs of the customers they support.

We are committed to investing actively in training and educating our senior managers and leaders, so they understand the business and personal benefits of creating a healthy environment and culture in our workplaces. Our health and well-being approach is based on the following core principles:

  • Exemplary standards in all our processes, products and services, throughout their life cycle,
  • Prevention and continuous reduction of all risks for our employees, temporary workers, sub-contractors, visitors and customers, as well as for the environment
  • Promoting opportunities for employees to enhance their personal, mental and physical health and well-being – and encouraging a working environment and culture that is understanding and caring in relation to mental and physical health issues
  • Dialogue (continuous, responsible and open) with our employees about the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices
  • Respect for and compliance with all relevant legislation and Saint-Gobain Group-wide standards


Health & Well-being gateway

Saint-Gobain promotes access to a wide range of well-being and occupational health services for all employees through its innovative ‘Fit for Work, Fit for Life’ platform in conjunction with its partner AXA PPP healthcare. These services include; an online personal health Gateway together with a range of occupational health services, advice and guidance on mental and physical health and well-being issues. Through the use of the Gateway, Saint-Gobain aims to gradually improve the health age of our organisation resulting in a more sustainable organisation for the future and an organisation more resilient and fit to meet the challenges of being healthy, mentally and physically.


Public Health Responsibility Deal

Saint-Gobain is a signatory of the Public Health Responsibility Deal. Through our approach, and supported by our Fit for Work, Fit for Life platform, Saint-Gobain aims to promote and encourage healthy actions in our work places in a range of areas including:

  • Food: We will promote and enable people to adopt a healthier diet
  • Alcohol: We will foster a culture of responsible drinking, which will help people to drink within guidelines
  • Physical Activity: We will encourage and assist people to become more physically active
  • Health at Work: We will actively support our workforce to lead healthier lives

For more information on the Public Health Responsibility Deal see: https://responsibilitydeal.dh.gov.uk


Continuous development in Health, Well-being and Safety

Saint-Gobain promotes awareness, employee engagement and continuous improvement in relation to our approach to mental and physical health, safety and well-being topics. As part of this we provide opportunities for participation from all our employees in activities related to mental and physical health and well-being and we promote a wide range of learning opportunities for individuals through our online training platform, Boost. We also hold a bi-annual global Environment, Health and Safety Day enabling employees to take time to participate in actions to promote mental and physical health, well-being and safety in the workplace.