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Midway Panels

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Protect kitchen walls from stains and create a stylish finish with a matching midway panel.


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Get a decorative yet practical transition between worksurface and wall with a matching upstand.

Hob Panels

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Complete the look and keep the wall behind the hob free from cooking stains with a hob panel.


We have an adhesive to match each worksurface décor. When applied correctly, our adhesive enables a seamless and professional finish to your project.

ABS Edging Tape

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All product edges are manufactured using colour matched ABS edging tape, which does not offer the features and benefits of Fenix NTM® material, including thermal healing.

Care & Maintenance Kit

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The Fenix NTM® Care & Maintenance Kit includes a Cleaning Spray, Melamine Foam Sponge, Microfibre Cloth, and Maintenance Instructions to help keep your surface clean and cared for.